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What we do ?

Mobile is all that we do…

What we do?
Our Media buying department works with all the popular local and international online advertising networks. Using the latest tools we determine how to localize our campaigns to target each local market. Our multilingual team is highly skilled in direct response copywriting and produce optimized ad texts which gives a high CTR. We constantly strive to increase ROI by close monitoring and optimization of each campaign.

Work process
To optimize each marketing campaign we undertake extensive keyword research and demographic research in close cooperation with other departments.

Based on our research we determine the appropriate strategy for the campaign and launch them on relevant advertising platforms for the targeted market.

Maintenance & optimization
We continuously monitor the CTR of our campaigns and use advanced conversion methods to ensure maximum optimization and market penetration.

Analysis and new opportunities
Through statistical tools we determine the product value in the targeted market and with this information we conclude where to focus our continued marketing efforts.

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